About Us

Hydrate Water Solution enhances the quality of life for our clients and communities by unlocking and protecting the world’s most essential needs – water, Wastewater and infrastructure.

By combining our technical expertise with innovation, collaboration, and a strategic vision, we transform concepts into meaningful results that make a lasting difference., the work we do is critical to every facet of daily life.

We have a multi-disciplinary team known for working hand-in-hand with in-house experts to produce efficient, effective outcomes for all. We are problem solvers above all else, dedicated to helping you excel in any environment.

Our Vision

“We will grow deliberately, sustainably, and profitably, with a focus on water. Our 2022 vision is to be a predominately Hydrate Water Solution firm with over 200 engaged employee-owners.”

Our Mission

“We are driven to be the water firm of choice for clients and employees.”

Our Values

“We value and practice continuous improvement | We have an ownership mentality which translates to “responsible autonomy” | We respect people. | We give back.”